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Eats Everything – Veronica Electronica Lyric Video

Lyric video. Captain Cuts – Love Like We Used To

Sweater Beats – Did You Wrong (Feat. MAX) Lyric Video

Music promo. Stevie G – The Most Astounding Fact

Brand film. Body Shop ‘Enrich Not Exploit’ Campaign Birmingham

Brand film. Body Shop ‘Enrich Not Exploit’ Campaign Bristol

Music promo. Public Service Broadcasting – Sputnik

Screen Content – Jess Glynne

Screen Content – Jess Glynne

Screen Content – The Vamps

Visuals Reel

Music promo. Public Service Broadcasting – Go!

My Secret World – The Story Of Sarah Records. Documentary trailer 2014

Visuals. Chrome Hoof – Ultimate Sealed Unit

Music promo. Polytechnic – Man Overboard

Music promo. Attic Lights – Say You Love Me

Music promo. The School – It’s Not The Same

Music promo. The School – Why Do You Have To Break My Heart Again

Music promo. Shrag – Devastating Bones

Music promo. The School – Where Does Your Heart Belong?

Music promo. The School – Never Thought I’d See The Day

Music promo. The School – Is He Really Coming Home?

Music promo. Smoke Fairies – Strange Moon Rising

Music promo. The School – Hoping & Praying

Music promo. The School – Can’t Understand

Documentary short. NYC Popfest Interviews

Film title sequence. 8 Minutes Idle

Nobrow Comics App for iPad

Latest News

Yes Please Productions work on a wide range of projects and events. Some we write about here...

Captain Cuts Lyric Video

9th November 2016 By Yes Please!

LA based Captain Cuts have released their first single “Love Like We Used To” on Epic Records.
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Street Art Films for Body Shop

13th April 2016 By Yes Please!

We teamed up with the talented folks at Soulful Creative to create a series of films for the Body Shop’s Enrich Not Exploit Campaign.

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My Secret World DVDs and Streaming

29th January 2016 By Yes Please!

Our DVDs of My Secret World: The Story of Sarah Records are back in stock due to high demand.

This DVD includes 85 minutes of extended interviews. Comes with a ‘Making-of’ zine, one pin badge and a balloon!

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